iTunes Gift Card Codes

iTunes gift card

What is iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes Gift Card Codes are similar to an E-Card. It can be used to purchase iTunes & App Store Apps on a payment card that you already have. You can purchase iTunes Gift Card or e-Card here. While iTunes Gift Card Codes may not seem a perfect option for gift buyers, in some cases they can be very practical. For example, you can buy iTunes cards using iTunes Gift Card Codes on your iPhone and iPad.

How to get iTunes Gift Card?

Apple offers iPhone owners an option to get the iTunes Gift Card Codes by calling a phone number which leads to an automated payment system that allows you to order the gift card for your Apple iPhone. Once you hit the “Pay Now” button, the system will send you a direct link via text or email. Here is a list of some options to order the iTunes Gift Card for your Apple iPhone.

iTunes Gift Card

How to use iTunes Gift Card?

There are different ways to use an iTunes gift card and choose the right one according to your need.
You can redeem your iTunes gift card to pay for some app, video game, software, or music. You can exchange the iTunes gift card for merchandise or discounts on any online shop.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card?

Firstly, you have to visit the AppStore website, click on the “Digital Gift Card” icon located at the top of the AppStore, and follow the instructions provided in the dialogue box displayed on the page.
One important aspect that you must keep in mind while using an iTunes gift card is that you must be the account owner of the iTunes account in which the iTunes gift card has been purchased.

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