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A gift card is basically like a pre-paid card with a pre-selected amount. You don’t have to pay cash. You can get gift cards in any denomination and store brands (e.g. Amazon, Walmart, Xbox, etc) are usually sold in stores. For every purchase, you make at a store with a gift card. You are given 10 cents in value in store credit. For instance, if you purchase a $100 gift card for Amazon and buy two toys with that card. You are given $10 of store credit. You can use that credit to buy something else in the store. Gift cards are the cheapest way to buy a product that you want to keep for a long time.

They come in many varieties, some are almost similar in shape and size. You can choose anyone, depending on the choice and budget of your friend. Go to the Amazon section of the Xbox Store and click on Xbox Gift Cards to see them in order of lowest price to highest. This is the easiest way to redeem the code. A Spotify gift card code allows the buyer to buy music and video content directly from Spotify. The Spotify Codes you receive for your purchase be used once per purchase, they cannot be used to buy a music subscription if you already have one. Then, you can download the free Xbox One companion app and redeem the Xbox Gift Card codes by scanning the barcode on the card or entering the code on the companion app.


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